Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: Debugging

Visual Studio Tips and Tricks was a topic in our local user group a while back. I decided why not do a series of videos instead of trying to publish all of the tips in a PowerPoint or some write up. Everything shown here can be done in at least Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012.

The debugging video below is part 2 of this video series:

2012 Baton Rouge SQL Saturday & Tech Day

The information for this year’s Baton Rouge SQL Saturday & Tech Day came online this past week. It’s scheduled for August 4, 2012.

Free SQL Server, SharePoint and .NET training!  Chance to win great prizes!  What more could an IT Professional ask for?  If this sounds good to you, then don’t miss your opportunity to attend SQL Saturday #150 and TECH Day, the largest FREE training event in Louisiana dedicated exclusively to SQL Server, .NET, Development, SharePoint and Business Intelligence.   This is a COMMUNITY driven event!

For more information visit the official website at:

Project Changes

If you’ve looked at my Projects page recently, you may have noticed that there were a few changes.


The bad news first. I have removed docXtract. I found that Sandcastle and it’s supporting tools (most notably Sandcastle Help File Builder) have grown to a point that there is no need for another product.

Visual Studio Code Snippets

Now the good news. I’ve been working on a Logitech G11 keyboard which has 18 macro keys. I’ve been assigning code snippet macros to the keys and it has been increasing my productivity tremendously. I’ve also started writing my own code snippets. This new project is an online home for those snippets.

SPS NOLA 2011 Presentation Materials

The materials (code and PowerPoint deck) from my presentation at SharePoint Saturday New Orleans 2011 can be downloaded using the following links: