MCPD Web Developer 4

Right on the heels of the upgrade to Web Developer 3.5, I took the test for an upgrade to .NET 4. I’ve finally caught up to the latest release. I have to say this was the longest Microsoft certification test that I’ve taken. It was over 80 questions long and split into 4 sections. For a second I thought my test would be lost. When I clicked to finish the exam the testing software crashed. Fortunately, everything was there just like I left it when they rebooted the computer.

MCPD Web Developer Upgraded to 3.5

Over the holidays, I upgraded my MCPD to .NET 3.5. Now only one more to go to catch up to latest release. This was my first upgrade so I didn’t know what was going on until after I was done. They split the upgrade up into 2 banks of questions representing the 2 tests for that MCPD. Just a heads up for those wondering why you get told you’ll get 40-something questions and end up with 1 of 20-something on the first screen.